October/November 2013 activities – Education Program

The month of October introduced a new Education Program partnership between UMOT and Oxford International Group. The Oxford International Group is offering 5 UMOT students from the north a two month long English language course at their center in Irbid to further develop their skills in reading, writing and communication in English. We aim that our partnership with the unique training center located at university street in Irbid will grow next semester with plans for another group of our students taking additional courses at the center. The students took an online placement test each and are currently attending the course within their personal levels. The placement test is free and available online on their website, we invite you all to check the different tests available as well as all their different services and work. Under My Olive Tree thanks Oxford International Group for their dedication in supporting the Education Program and for their interest in serving the community despite the little available resources.  Oxford International Group is our go to English language training center for governorates of the north.

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On the 23rd of November 2013, Under My Olive Tree Education Program students attended a “Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills”. The event was hosted by the Modern Language Center in Al-Luweibdeh. The workshop was given by trainer Amjad Khleifat and trainer Majd Saden who put together several exercises and tools so that the students acquire the skills needed to solve problems and make informed decisions that face them in their day to day lives. The gathering was also used to introduce the new students to the previous ones within the program.



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