Under My Olive Tree empowers the local community to make a difference in society through 4 main programs

Education Program

Our Education Program offers scholarships for underprivileged university students that cover their fees till graduation. Parallel to that we provide the students with various training courses, internship opportunities and have them contribute community service hours to graduate as socially aware individuals ready for the job market and for life.

We’re now collecting donations from both individuals and corporations to cover the fees for our current 30 students for second semester 2015/2016. Find out more about our Education Program and check the students profiles here.

Collected: 2350 JD
Needed: 9,800JD

Heba-  Eye Cancer Survivor

Heba is a 21 year-old cancer patient so called a cancer “survivor” her medical case is one of a kind in Jordan, she has lost both of her eyes due to the furious battle of cancer. Heba fought a noble fight and learned BRAILLE language, proceeded with her education and now she is a university student.

Heba needs a cellphone and we’ll download a special audio application that might make her life easier a notch!

Contact us if you think you can give a helping hand regarding this humanitarian case. Under My Olive Tree has all the required documents and contact info. support and reach out a helping hand.

Collected: 80 JD
Needed: 650 JD

Support Under My Olive Tree Students on AFKARMENA 

This project is part of the education program at the NGO. Our objective is to get donations to cover the education of our less fortunate students in Jordan. We strongly believe in social empowerment! 

Money will go to cover the tuition and semester registration fees of students for the second academic semester of 2015/2016. The money is paid directly to the universities. Money will also cover the workshops and soft skills training given to the students across the year.

Support our campaign on AFKARMENA and help us reach a 100% funded campaign. 



Collected: 6160 JD
Needed: 10000 JD


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