What is ID 000?

Have no idea what is ID 000? Have you checked your ID card lately?

Have you ever thought if you were born without knowing your parents?

What is the society in Jordan doing about it?

Watch the video to know more…..

We would like to thank our friend Omar who was part of this production. We also would like to hear from you if you have any ideas or solutions to this major issue we are facing today.


  1. Omar ~ Mirqab

    August 25, 2011

    Dear friends ,
    This issue has been out there for a long while now , we have established an NGO called Sakeena , especially for these situations , the ID000 is an issue of two points :
    1- the actual discrimination these guys face in their ID000 national number , we are proceeding with legal procedures to erase it, and when the time comes will declare it for support and campaigning 🙂 we will need you then.
    2- is regarding the 18 year old citizens are kicked out of the dorms ( regulations ) to the streets after they become 18. These boys and girls need a shelter and a home. They need a community and a family , we are trying our best to provide them with such enviroment , we are collecting donations and projects. They also need to blend in with the community, to have friends and jobs and live a normal life. Sakeena is doing its best through Farah El Sayyed who we consider the mother of the cause and initiator .

    Thank you

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