What is happening at Beit Shocair?

This is not an exhibition nor a seminar, this is a festival!

A festival of young talented Jordanians from all sectors of the society singing, playing the guitar, violin, Oud, rapping, saying poetry, drawing! It is a parade!

All the people here are interacting, joking, laughing, exchanging ideas, and most importantly learning from each other while getting to know their heritage and rich history.

Today I paid Beit Shocair a visit since Under My Olive Tree has been sponsoring the event that is running until July 31st. This is part of “Zilzal Al Mahabbeh” and “Ayyam Beit Shocair”

The event is worth visiting, it is very inspiring and we should all promote it as a place of attraction not only for tourists but for Jordanians as well. I loved the positive energy of our youth, the volunteers and the organizers.

I only have one thing to say: We all need to be inspired and this is the right place to be!

Note: The program is full of interesting events, so check it online (link)

I will leave you with some videos of  Rasheed, Ahmad,  Rami, Rahaf and Noor who were performing randomly tonight


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