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After several weeks of considering a name for my web site, I chose “Under My Olive Tree”. The reason behind it is very simple; I wanted to choose something that speaks about my identity as an Arab who comes from the Levant region.

The Olive Tree is the most important tree in the Levant. Olives and Olive oil are the major food ingredients that are used in our day to day meals. Olive oil is used regularly in food and in soap making, and the finest is to be found in Palestine and in particular the West Bank. The agriculture of Olive Trees is the major source of income in the West Bank and has a major cultural importance to the whole region.

The branch of this tree symbolizes Peace and one day will be a sign of coexistence for the people of my region. The Olive grove reflects my origin and roots and is where my great grand fathers were born. Under my olive tree is where I would love to write my thoughts and blog posts, it is where I can find my Peace of mind. I’m not Jordanian or Palestinian or Israeli. I’m not a Jew or Christian or Muslim. I’m a proud Arab. This is my identity.

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