Volunteers needed for Gaza camp in Jerash

I have been working for a while for the Palestinian Refugee camp in Jerash. Gaza camp is considered one of the poorest camps in Jordan, where 23,000 people live in an area of 1 square KM! The refugees there have a special condition; that they do not hold a National ID number. This means they can’t work anywhere in the country unless with a special security pass.

The camp is located 5 minutes to the West of the Southern entrance of the old city. It is on the way to Dibeen National Preserve Forest.

For those who are interested to volunteer kindly check the available listings below (in English & Arabic)

You can apply by sending an email with CV & cover letter to Maisa Thweib m.thweib@unrwa.org and Rania Sabbah r.sabbah@unrwa.org specifying the voluntary job title in the subject of the email

List of volunteers needed:

1. Trainer on Proposals Writing – Volunteer

2. Web Designer – Volunteer

3. Committee of Juries – CDO Logo Contest

4. TEFL Teachers – Volunteers

5. English Language Teachers for CDO Volunteers – Volunteers

6. Trainer on Teaching English as a Foreign Language

7. Coordinator of English Language Teaching Volunteers

8. Trainer on Fundraising – Volunteer

9. Trainer on Governance – Volunteer

10. Volunteers Database Developer – Volunteer

11. Health Database Developer – Volunteer

12. Job Guidance Database Developer – Volunteer

13. Feasibility Studies Consultant – Volunteer

1. مدرب على كتابة المشاريع – متطوع
2. مصمم مواقع الكترونية – متطوع
3. لجنة تحكيم – مسابقة شعار مكتب تنمية المجتمع المحلي
4. مدرسين لغة انجليزية – متطوعين
5. مدرسين لغة انجليزية لمتطوعي مكتب التنمية – متطوعين
6. مدرب TEFL
7. منسق متطوعي اللغة الانجلزية – متطوع
8. مدرب على جمع التمويل – متطوع
9. مدرب على الحكم الرشيد (الحوكمة) – متطوع
10. مصمم قاعدة بيانات المتطوعين – متطوع
11. مصمم قاعدة بيانات للصحة– متطوع
12. مصمم قاعدة بيانات للتوجيه الوظيفي– متطوع
13. مستشار دراسات جدوى – متطوع

Some pictures from the camp:


  1. Hadija

    November 1, 2010


    Dear Mr Ali Dahmash

    I’m Hadija from Kuala Lumpur
    [former @hadija4peace / @hadija4peace2 – I left twitter]

    I’m a teacher and a biomedicine scientist. I’d like to volunteeer at the refugee camp. I’d like to work with kids and women there.

    Is there any opportunity for me to volunteer for teaching and doing medical works (basic ones only however, because I’m not a doctor), in between November 26 to December 15, 2010 at the refugee camp?

    Is there any proper & safe accommadation for a single travelling lady or will your organisation help me with accommodation for volunteering works?

    Thank you for your time. Allah bless i’A.

    My email is hadija dot mohd @ yahoo dot com

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