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Do you want to be a part of a program that has high impact on university students and provides high quality experience which will enrich their lives!!

Then join INJAZ company program that will be rolled out in November 2011. In this program you will mentor and offer  guidance to the students starting from the theoretical phase, through the creation of the company and up till the liquidation phase.

Before the beginning of the program, you will go through an intensive orientation training for one day, and you will be handed a kit that includes guidebooks for the students and another for you. The guidebook is quite comprehensive and is based on a step-by-step approach. The kit also contains guiding material, forms, and posters to be used during the course as teaching aid.

You will be  expected to meet with the students on a weekly basis and to be engaged by phone or email more frequently. Normally the sessions take place at the premises of the university and the time of the session is based on the volunteer and the university’s preference. The number of meetings to cover the theoretical part  is 12 meetings, however the learning objectives per one meeting usually take a longer time to cover and could take up to two to three meetings. The meeting time is usually 90 minutes per week, sometimes weekends are needed especially during the production and sales phase.

INJAZ will serve as the right hand for you during the program, regular follow up and visits will be done during the sessions.

The experience as stated by former volunteers is a “once in a lifetime experience” where the volunteer and the students undergo a dynamic learning experience by weaving threads of success and achievement into reality.

If you find the passion and the commitment to be a part of this program then please contact Ms. Rawan Nimri , company program coordinator in INJAZ on 0796319000.

Volunteer today…change a life tomorrow!

Note: I volunteered in the “Company Program” for school students and it was an un forgettable experience. Check the following links:

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