Videos from the final day of Ayam Beit Shocair

Sunday was the last day of Beit Shocair days. Definitely an experience that can’t be forgotten, not only for the youth, but for the volunteers, sponsors and organizers. Marlene is the one who should be gven credit as this is her idea. The theme was: one love one heart one hand one big family

Simple, yet has a very strong message that we are all one, we share the same country, the same dreams, the same obstacles and we are here to remove these barriers.

Would like to announce that the youth and volunteers of the Beit Shocair will join our Ramadan Iftar for orphans this Wednesday. They will provide support to our kids by spending time with them and playing music and singing.

Will leave you with some of the videos from the finale.

Talal Al Sharif, the youngest talent:

Video streaming by Ustream

Video streaming by Ustream

Lubna Aqel:

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