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An event was held in October for YARA, most of it funds were paid but the association is short by 3,900 JD’s.

In October, YARA initiated and completed a very nice environmental/poverty campaign. YARA.org collaborated with 350.org to hold 7,300 environmental events in 188 countries around the world on the date 10-10-10. YARA added benefit to this environmental event and helped the poor at the same moment. YARA planted 650 olive trees on 10 dunums of land. The land is owned by a less fortunate farmer; he inherited the land and a water well from his ancestors. Yet, he never had the funds to plow, plant, and secure the land. Therefore, YARA also fenced the whole area of 10 dunums.

They installed an automatic drip irrigation system for easy watering. Further they provided the main water pipe from the water well to the land (which has a distance of 1,300 meters). The aim of this project was to help lower the levels of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere in addition to helping the less fortunate with a life lasting, sustainable project. They are not only helping (empowering) one less fortunate family with this project, yet the land owner will employ other less fortunate workers in the area when the trees begin to produce olives (therefore requiring olive pressing for oil). This way YARA are also empowering a small community, not just one family. The guy who evaluated the project underestimated it by 3,900 Jordanian Dinars due to the main water pipe from the water well to the land. The length and thickness of pipe

The event was covered in Jordan’s “Al Ghad newspaper”. Here’s the link

You can also check out the video here

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