Urgent case: Ali needs 3 needles

I received an urgent request from my friend Maha whom I work closely, that an 13 year old boy has Blood Rheumatism which is a rare disease. Ali Ghali Al Sadoun who is half Jordanian / half Iraqi is suffering from severe horrible  bones and muscles pain and also growing problems where he looks like  a 6 year old kid. His parent is a single mom with 7 kids and an absent father.

His treatment can be by giving him 2 or 3 shots. Each shot is 500JDs. The shots will cure him

His doctor is Jamil Steitieh (Tel: 0795705893) and I can provide you with all medical reports.

What I want is to do a quick campaign for Ali since this is an urgent case and gather from 1,000 to 1,500JDs.

If you are a donor, you can contact the Doctors office directly.

Please contact me at [info] @ [undermyolivetree] [.com]


  1. Talia Al-Ramahi

    September 10, 2010

    Salam Ali, could u plz email me copies of Ali Ghali Al Sadoun’s medical reports (and his picture if possible) so i can print and put them up at the Mosque here in Manchester, plz don’t forget to add bank details for donations (inshallah)

    Keep up the good work!
    U r an inspiration for all of us!

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