Updates for Ramadan: Kefah and Um Shady


We have finally been able with the help of IBDAA to provide Kefah with a sewing maching to sew and sell abayas as a small business to get her some income. Her main needs right now till the business kicks off is to cover her last month rent (110JD) and provide her with some material to start working. She has already put together her first piece and sold it successfuly. We’re hoping that after Ramadan Kefah will be able to stand on her own and depend on her work but till then she is in need of a few food parcels for Ramadan which you can buy from Cozmo or Carrefour for about 20-25JD each.

Her rent needs to be covered urgently and another amount put aside for fabric/beads and so. You can check earlier updates on Kefah here and know all about her story with domestic violence here.

Brief of needs:
– 110JD for July rent.
– 20-25JD cash for food packages or direct donations of food packages.
– 100-200JD for textile and fabric or direct donations of such material.

Um Shady:

We wrote about Um Shady and her story here earlier and a few updates in this post, this one and this one here. Um Shady started a small business to sell clothes a while back (Check here, here and here to know more). She is urgently in need again now after her daughter got into an accident on her way to work and now has 1300JD worth of hospital fees in debt that has to be paid before she can remove her last stitches and be able to get back on her feet. Um Shady’s late husband was of Egyptian nationality making the hospital fees more than the usual amount for Jordanians. The money has to be paid at least a week before the 28th in which the daughter needs to visit the hospital again which makes this matter a very urgent one.

We visited Um Shady a while back and dropped off a few food packages for Ramadan, some money to buy things for the house as well as some toys for her grandchildren. She is sadly 11 months late on paying her rent (75JD/month) and has to pay some of her debts for fear of being evicted from her house.  The entire rent adds up to 825JD and we hope the spirit of Ramadan will help us collect this amount so Um Shady can celebrate Eid with some comfort and a smile.

Brief of needs:
– 825JD for 11 months rent.
– 1300JD for daughters hospital fees.
– 20-25JD cash for food packages or direct donations of food packages.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with regards to helping out even if with a small amount to any of these cases. Email us at info@undermyolivetree.com. Ramadan Kareem to you.

For donating directly to our bank account:
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