Update on Um Kayed Family

Here is a quick updated on the family’s case that was posted earlier here:

  • The 2 months late rent was paid, see receipt below, the family still needs to pay the rent of August
  • The water bill was paid, the amily now has clean running water for 3 months
  • Will take the elder son this Saturday to the Dr to be checked for initial diagnosis of his case, we wil take it from there.
  • The Ministry of Social Affairs have contacted me and are checking with the Ministry of Education regarding  moving the kids from the UNRWA to the Government schools, as well as enrolling the eldest son.
  • The father has started looking for a body shop where we can rent it for him for a certan period. If all go well, then, this will be his startup business where he support his family and grow the business.

I will keep you updated. Special thanks to @imanannab who is doing a great job, the donors and HE the Minister of Higher Eductaion @walidmaani

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