Update 4: Um Kayed Family

Abu Kayed new garage shop is still struggling to bring new clients as the shop still needs more equipments (details here) Luckily we managed to collect more donations to buy him the tools and a sign for the garage. You can support this small business by:

1. Donating (1,000 JDs) for the equipments

2. Water tank, bathroom door, paint for the Garage (100JDs)

3. Electricity meter, registration  for 2011 (300JDs)

4. House rent and utilities for December (100 JDs)

5. Fixing your car at the garage that is located in Safout near Sweileh

Please note that the family is still living on very little income and the rent is due by the end of this month.

Any help is appreciated and of course receipts are available

Here are some new pictures:

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