Under My Olive Tree Silver Sponsor for iAraby event

Under My Olive Tree and along with REACH 2.0 are sponsoring iAraby event on January 8, 2011. iAraby is a company build to make the first Arab platform in technology, the thing we need in our region to improve our part of the international evolution and innovation, many categories iAraby involved in; like software development, Training , innovation and community work.The competition will take place in downtown in the 8th of January 2011, it has more than 60 participate in all the ages and direction from Jordan; some of them are students and some are employees and business people.

The competition will start like looking and searching for a treasure, and they will visit more than eight locations to look and try to find the treasure and try to solve the clues we made, and the result of every clue they will take, will give us a concept we can add to our technology platform.

The event tickets are sold for free. It got more than 60 participate and more than 30 in waiting lists in less than 3 days. To be a sponsors to this event that’s mean that you have the power to help us building the first Arabic technology platform that will make the difference to you and to us. And also it will be a huge opportunity to make your promotion on it.

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