UMOT Accomplishments during Ramadan 2010

Ramadan is the month of giving, and although Under My Olive Tree is not limited for 1 month of the year, but this years accomplishment were just outstanding. To mention a few:

  • UMOT cooperated with Ibdaa to raise funds for providing iftar for 3,000 orphans in Jordan. 100 children were provided with meals, toys and fun programs every day. A total of 5,670 JDs were raised.
  • More volunteers were involved this year during the Iftar event. In one day we had more than 30 volunteers giving a hand and entertaining the children with clowns, face paintings, and homemade cookies. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  • 100 school bags were given to the children. The bags included books, dictionary, stationary, geometry set, and a Holy Quran. Thanks Charity Group Jordan
  • UMOT secured school tuitions for 26 unfortunate students in Amman. A total of 1,304 JDs were raised.
  • Providing Social Empowerment to the less fortunate was a challenging new initiative this month. Um Kayed family were given specific attention so they can support themselves. Their rent and utilities are currently covered by the Ministry of Social Development. The son will undergo an operation after 1 week, and the father will get a shop soon where he can start his own business.

There is still so much to do through out the year, so please keep checking the website for more opportunities and cases to sponsor.

Have a great blessed Eid holiday!


  1. KJ

    September 17, 2010

    That’s amazing man… Awesome job and God bless everyone who worked and volunteered. Keep up the fantastic work!

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