Um Shady new business

We met Um Shady of Irbid almost a year ago.Her deceased Egyptian Husband who was sick left her in hospital debt. Shady, her son was out of school to support his family financially. The family lives in a 1 room apartment, with no furniture, no fridge, no oven and many months of due rent.

An update of Um Shady status can be found here (click)

Today Um Shady began her first day in her own business. With the financial support of Ibdaa organization, Um shady (a.k.a) Zahra, will start her small business of selling clothes, something she used to do before her husband sickness. Ibdaa have provided her with first payment (attached below) with the rent of the shop and the things she needs to buy goods.

More financial aid is needed, so we will keep you posted.

The family lives in this apartment in Tal3et Misdar, and the new business is the door on the right hand side


  1. samia qumri

    October 14, 2011

    That great to hear ‘we need help empower women’ and encourage them for self-reliance..keep is updated

  2. admin

    October 31, 2011

    Thanks Samia for the support 🙂

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