Um Shady new business – update 2

In our last post “Um Shady new business” we mentioned that she was provided with a special fund to start her new business of selling new clothes. Um Shady managed to sell all the stuff she bought to the people in her neighborhood. She is now renovating the shop she took where she will use it as a storage. IBDAA thankfully funded another amount of money for the project so Um Shady can manage to buy more clothes to sell.

It is still a long way until Um Shady makes good profit, therefore she needs the following:

1. Cover the due house rent (3 months): 55 x 3 = 165 JDs

2. Gas tank for the gas heater

If interested to help, let us know []

Note: The quality of the images are low because they were taken from Um Shady neighbor cell phone.

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