Um Shady grandchildren

Um Shady grandchildren have been away from school for the past 2 years because of the bad financial situation of the family. The father is Egyptian with no work and the mother is Jordanian. They have 5 kids! But this year, and after pressuring the family, 3 children enrolled to school.

It is sad that our children are not able to go to school and get a good education because their parents can’t afford 40JDs (56$)/ year

Today we are working on empowering the family by creating a small project. This project is a sustainable business that will secure a steady income.  Shady went back to school this year after being away for 2 years. He left school to work and support his family after his father passed away. He is doing great at school.

We also would like to thank M.K who secured a new fridge and food parcels for the family last month and L.K who bought new Eid toys for 10 kids 🙂

The family doesn’t want charity, but the support from the local community and they sure are receiving it!

Thanks for all the sponsors 🙂

Below is the receipt:

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