Um Kayed Family need your help

Today is Friday and it is my day off and it’s also 43 C (108 F) Degrees outside! So I decided to stay home enjoying my AC and disconnected from everything even activism. Well I was wrong again and Thank God I was.

My long time family friend (@imanannab) pictured below with the kids, took me to visit this unfortunate family in Swieleh. Here is their story:

The father has a back disk and works for 170JDs / month in a tailor place. The wife “Um Kayed” takes care of her 5 kids. 4 kids go to school, and the older “Kayed” who is 14 years old left school 2 years ago to help his dad. Kayed has twisted viens in his left arm and did one surgery but wasn’t successful. I saw his arm, he is in bad pain, can’t use it.

Their rent is over due for 2 months  (75JDs / month) and are threatened for evacuation and the water was cut off because they have an over due bill of (65JDs). They had to sell the furniture to support themselves. We sat on the floor, they sleep on mattresses!

The kids are amazingly smart, beautiful, polite and have alot of dignity. The mother knows that their only hope is education, she is dying to let her oldest son go back to school! The kids go to far UNRWA schools though they are Jordanian citizens, and the government refuses to transfer them to a near by government school since they go to an UNRWA school.

Iman and Auntie Nawal gave them food parcels and some toys and kids clothes that I had to cheer up the kids, God bless you

Here is the action plan:

1. Find a nerve surgeon to perform a full diagnosis for Kayed’s arm (14 years old)

2. Find a doctor to sponsor his surgery or find a donor and also try with the government to sponsor his treatment

3. Kayed has been a drop out from school for the past 2 years, need to contact the Ministry of Education (@WalidMaani) and see how we can enroll him back to a government school since he is a Jordanian citizen and this is his constitutional right.

4. Secure a shop for the father who is a tailor to open his own business where and secure a steady income of minmum 500JDs / month

5. Pay two months rent and the water bill (215JDs), they need clean water ASAP.

If you know a doctor who can volunteer, or want to donate some money, contact me.

This is not a charity case, this is an opportunity to empower people so they can start supporting themselves.

Copy of the evacuation notice:


  1. Donations??

    August 20, 2010

    I want to donate bas I can’t find your contacts!

    • admin

      August 20, 2010

      Great Yanal, I will be tomorrow at the Orphans Iftar at 6:45, you can pass your contribution to me.

  2. Interested

    August 21, 2010

    Please leave a mailing address where you can be reached.

  3. Alishia Seering

    October 27, 2010

    Cool. Thanks for posting this. Its always awesome to see someone educate the public.

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