Trip to the DeadSea with cancer patients

Every year and around this time of the year, the Jordan Cancer Society take the children who have cancer on a trip to the Deadsea. The aim of the trip is for the kids to spend a full day of fun, events and games in the warm Deadsea sun.

This year the event will take place on Saturday March 26. Jordan Cancer Society will take 66 adults and kids accompanied with their parents to the Amman Beach Resort.

The following is needed:

1. 6 adult volunteers to help around and bring joy to the kids

2. One clown to volunteer

3. 17 gifts (toys) for the kids or (10JDs per kid)

4. 24 scarfs (shawls) for women or any gift

5. 66 blankets for 66 families

Transportation will be provided by the Jordan Cancer Society.

Event date: March 26, 2011

Event time: 9am-6pm (Gathering at 8:30 sharp at JCS)

For more info:

Jordan Cancer Society website (check here)

Telephone: +962-6-5650214

Email: Rana Sinokrot (

Pictures from previous events:


  1. Akrum Idrees

    March 11, 2011

    Hi Ahmad, this is Akrum from 2 stars for peace meeting, I would really be happy to join u in this event by my self, also I can provide financial aid for 2 presents for kids 10JDs each and I hope also to provide gifts for the ladies … hope that I can join!

  2. admin

    March 11, 2011

    That is great Akrum, I will attend the event too. Anything will be fine. Ali

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