Today's Iftar with the Orphans

Today I went with a group of volunteers to the Iftar tent for the Orphans. It was an amazing experience that had a special place to my heart. The kids were from the Muqableen Orphanage. Part of Ebda’s initiative in the Holy month. There were more than 80 kids who were simply smart, funny and very polite. This Iftar happens every day and you can come volunteer, give away toys, presents and also sponsor their meal (4JDs per child).

I will be there tomorrow and during Ramadan as well

The address is here

Below are some of the pictures taken by @szhijazi (Sereen Hijazi)


  1. jaraad

    August 17, 2010

    May Allah reward you all for the good deeds. This is truly a wonderful job you are doing with these orphanage.
    Jazakum Allah Khair.

    • admin

      August 20, 2010

      It all happens with the support of people who care wallah, one hand doesn’t clap 🙂

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