The Jordan that I didn't want to see

Today after lunch, I decided to go check what the #Mar24 (Anti government) protests are all about. I didn’t have the chance to go last week to Dakhlieyah square. The situation today was different, the police were friendly, making sure everyone is safe.

The protests where in Ras el Ain infront of the Greater Municipality of Amman. I parked my car 3 KM far as the police had road blocks and didn’t let the traffic in. My friend and I walked for 15 minutes and we passed by the main building of the municipality. The last time I was here, it was the Amman marathon, everyone was celebrating and having a great time. Next to the building, there is a large area where around 200 pro government young men were singing songs for the King. They seemed angry, and simply looked like trouble makers. Many had a red koufeyah covering their whole face. There was security forces surrounding them and not letting anyone go outside to the other area where the #Mar24 people were protesting. While walking, a group of guys tried to cross the area to go to the other side but the police quickly stopped them.

(Police preventing the thugs from leaving the premises)

(The police arresting one of the thugs)

(Arresting more thugs)

(Human shield by the police forces)

200 meters away, the young #Mar24 protestors were calling for the Prime minister to step down and end the state of corruption in the country. They were also chanting and appreciation to the good efforts of the police and the special forces, they were also supporting the King. They were young men and women, Christians and Muslims, there were kids and some families. Many were singing and dancing, the atmosphere was positive.

It was a parade.

The young Jordanians behind the movement seemed like normal and peaceful people to me, and they seemed not to have any leadership. But while approaching the square, the police stopped one young man wearing the red kouffeyah who was entering with us, labeling him as a Jordanian! I found out that to be very strange, since everyone here was Jordanian wither thugs or #Mar24!

(#March24 movement)

(Peaceful men, women and kids of #March24 movement)

(Members of #March24 singing)

(Heavy security)

There was heaving security, actualy there was a police man for every person, surrounding and protecting the area. At 6pm, one of the guys of #Mar 24 announced that they will stop the protests at 6:30PM instead of 10PM to avoid any confrontation or violence. So I told my friend lets move now because I’m sure the thugs will start attacking once we move out of the square.

I was right!

People were leaving the open air square, heading towards their cars in the downtown area and some were heading to the 3rd circle area, passing by the pro government thugs. Once they saw us, they stopped the music and they started heading to us quickly and seriously, they had a crazy look. Their faces were covered and they were carrying sticks. Once they approached us, the police moved quickly and tried to stop them. This was escalating very quickly. There were women walking infront of us, kids who were 10 and 12 year olds with their families. They started shouting “Sharameet and Khawalat!” which means Whores and Fagots to the women and yes they called me a Fag!

The women and myself were not holding any banners or flags or anything, just people walking in the street! The police started telling us to go on the other street up the hill and avoid the violence!

(Leaving the site at 6:30)

(Thugs have seen us and were approaching very quickly)

(Attacked by the thugs, we took another road to avoid them)

(30 seconds video of thugs attacking us, click it to play)

I felt very offended! Not because they called me a Fag! But how can someone be that low with morals and a decency to call a woman and her kids “You whores!”

Did we actually loose our sense of belonging to this country? Do we have a serious identity crisis in Jordan?

If people and HM the King are calling for reform, who are those loyalist to? Who is actually behind them? Are they brainwashed? Feel helpless, see no future, jobless, need empowerment?

I want to end this sad story,with another one.

My friend and myself were just leaving a friend’s house in Jabal Amman at 2am. My friend was driving on the 3rd circle heading to the Hyatt. Infront of the Hyatt, the traffic was really bad and Hani got stuck. The reasons was that there were a group of 10 cars driven by thugs, who were shooting live bullets in the air, simply stopped in the middle of the street and start dancing and shooting. The surprise was that the police were heading the convey of those loyalist. I was on the phone, heared the shot guns and what the thugs were shouting.

Do we actually need to get to this point? I am more than disgusted!

I seriously call H.M to stop this insanity and division that is happening in the country.

Jordan is a small country with no resources. We are only rich with our human resources and security, and it seems we are loosing both very soon!

This is the Jordan that I didn’t want to see!


  1. Rami

    April 2, 2011

    “Jordan is a small country with no resources. We are only rich with our human ” but unfortunately as we saw on Friday some of our humans r just for wasting resources, Reform must start from us the people ,then it will reflect on the Government automatic , may god have mercy on us

  2. Haitham

    April 2, 2011

    I don`t know what to say/write! 🙁

  3. 3mar

    April 2, 2011

    Well whether you like it or not, this is the Jordan you live in. Get over it

  4. Samar

    April 2, 2011

    Mom will personally kill you before the thugs lay a hand on you 🙂

  5. AK

    April 2, 2011

    haha I agree with akhhhh
    go get laid seems like u need something major to calm u down

  6. ward 3rabi

    April 2, 2011

    sorry to know that Friday was not peacfull after all. People need to reform their manner and culture, and it is every household resposability no matter the size of corruption

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