1. Volunteering in Jordan

    Angela Corrias (@GlobalReporting), a cool friend I know from Twitter made an interview with me and my friend Mohammed Youssef (@jawazsafar), she wrote an article about Volunteering in Jordan. Here’s a preview.. I recently met up with Jordanian blogger and social activistAli Dahmash and Mohammad Yousef, a Jordanian engineer living...
  2. Summer is here as well as Volunteering!

    Schools and Universities are off and summer is finally here! Luckily, there are many things happening in Amman at this time of the year. 1. Friday  18th: Play about childhood in Palestine, check for more info طفولة ذات حدين 2. Saturday 19th: Hamzet Wasel Treasure Hunt rehearsal. This is an opportunity for...
  3. If you want to Volunteer

    I have been creating a mailing list for all the people who are interested to volunteer in Jordan. I will be sending updated opportunities if you want to: Volunteer Donate Train Share your skills Trips, Fun & Adventures You can subscribe by sending your email by going to the right side...

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