1. Sandy will graduate this Semester!

    In my post “Sponsor a University Student” I wrote about Sandy from Jabal Al Natheef who lost her dad 7 years ago and currently live with her 5 sisters and mom who barely survive on their dad’s pension. Sandy needed 18 credit hours to graduate from Jordan University this semester....
  2. Sponsor a University Student

    The following are eductaional causes that need your attention for students in universities and schools.  University: The following are 5 students who need sponsorship ASAP  الطالب الاول إسم الطالب : خليل إسم الجامعة / التخصص : جامعة الزيتونة/محاسبة, ساعة التخصص ب 60دينار العنوان : ضاحية الحاج حسن , قرب حديقة...
  3. Today's Iftar with the Orphans

    Today I went with a group of volunteers to the Iftar tent for the Orphans. It was an amazing experience that had a special place to my heart. The kids were from the Muqableen Orphanage. Part of Ebda’s initiative in the Holy month. There were more than 80 kids who...

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