1. Fadi & Muath

    In May, we managed to raise 1,170 JDs to cover the students in Gaza Camp. We raised the money  by selling the art pieces of Naji Al Ali during the 63 anniversary of Al Nakbeh that we did at Dar al Anda (Check here). Part of this money was used...
  2. Update: Fadi

    I met Fadi two years ago after the war on Gaza. He was 4, much younger than the picture below. (old post) Well honestly…I never met him! He can’t come to Amman and I can’t visit Gaza. But distance is not an issue. I know I can support him all...
  3. Nisreen tuition is covered

    Glad to announce that Nisreen tuition for the current second term has been covered by a friend of mine who would like to remain anonymous. That also covered the money that the mom has borrowed. To read more about Nisreen (check here) Receipt below

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