1. Fadi's tuition covered

    Thanks to the donor who requested to remain anonymous, Fadi will graduate this semester. Hopefully he can support his family. More on Fadi can be found (click here) Receipt below:
  2. Back to University Campaign 2012

    Urgent tuition for 2011 -2012 fall semester that needs to be covered Today we began our “Back to University” campaign for the 2011-2012 fall semester. The following are university tuition for students living in Jordan. Donors can pay at the University or contact us . Tuition must be paid before...
  3. Nadia…Jalila says thank you!

    My dear friend Nadia, who is a Jordanian living in Singapore, has covered Jalila’s summer course expenses. Yet this is another inspiring story from a Jordanian living abroad who constantly likes to give back to her country and who constantly likes to empower the less fortunate. I always feel optimistic...
  4. Nisreen Tuition -update

    Today, Nisreen tuition for this summer course has been covered. Thanks to the donor who wants to remain anoymous. It was really a nice gesture the way she delivered her donation (see picture below). Receipt:
  5. Remembering Nakba event was a success!

    On May 15, we did an event on the 63rd anniversary of the Nakba (check here). The event ran for 1 week and there were more than 100 people attending everyday. The event was covered by the local press and media and the US. We would like to thank who...

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