1. Back to University Campaign – Summer Course 2012

    It is that time of the year again where we start collecting donations to cover university students for the summer course of 2012. Below is the list of some of the students that need immediate support: Abbas: Philadelphia University: 500 JDs (Covered) Major: Accounting Current grade: 90% Note: Abbas is an...
  2. Maisa tuition covered

    Happy to announce that Maisa tuition for this semester has been fully covered. We would like to thank all who have helped empowering Maisa to continue her education. Receipt below
  3. Support orphan Tayseer

    Tayseer is an orphan from Jabal Al Natheef. He lost both his parents and has 7 siblings. He is working to support himself at university. He is studying at Applied Science University and his grade is 76%. His major is English/Arabic translation. He needs 700 JDs to complete his tuition....
  4. Maisa tuition 80% covered

    80% of Maisa tuition for this semester has been covered. We still need to gather 150JDs. She is also looking for a part time job to cover her transportation cost. Let us know if you like to support (Info@undermyolivetree.com) Receipts below:
  5. Salah tuition partially covered

    Part of Salah tuition has been covered, we are still trying to cover it all so he can graduate this semester. The remaining tuition is 300JDs (check here for more info about Salah) Below is the receipt

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