1. Eyad Health Condition – Update

    This is an update on Eyad’s health condition. A few weeks ago, a large spot of cancer behind his heart has been discovered by CT scan. The cancer is currently putting pressure on the Artery and it requires a surgery. The doctors at the Royal Medical Center refused to do...
  2. Eyad, Gaza and Ali

    This Monday I went to meet Eyad. He has finished his sixth Chemotherapy session a few days earlier. I met Um Eyad and Abu Eyad whom I spoke with last week. The mother looked strong and beautiful. The dad is around 40 and looks decent, extremely polite and sad. They...
  3. Every Dinar Counts!

    Eyad Sami Zendah is a 6 year old boy from Gaza who is suffering from Lung and Hip cancer. He has been under treatment for 4 years now and have had a few operations in Gaza and Pakistan. He is currently in the Hussein Medical Center and has taken 6...

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