1. AC, Washer and a few JDs

    I posted a few weeks ago about some urgent cases in Jabal Al Natheef, click here But to make things easier for anyone who is interested, here is a simple overview: 1. Washer An old woman needs a simple electric washer that has a door from the top. It costs...
  2. Urgent Cases in Jabal Al Natheef

    These are urgent cases in Jabal Al Natheef, they are posted in Arabic: To help, you can call this number 06-4733314 or contact me ملاحظات نوع المساعدة وضع الاسرة بشكل عام الاسم كان وضع الاسرة جيد وبسبب مرض الابنة باع الزوج كل ما يملك في سبيل علاج ابنته الحاجة الى ابرة كل...
  3. Hiba has a laptop now!

    Today, I went and bought the laptop and the case for Hiba. Then she and her dad met me infront of my work and I gave them her computer. Hiba was really thrilled but I was all goosebumps during my meeting with her. Hiba is very young and very polite, beautiful and a smart...

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