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Um Baha’ came to us with the idea of starting her own small business from home. She started 4 months ago with the first micro-finance loan we provided her with. Her idea was to buy a few goats and use them in trade to buy and sell for a higher cost until back in early April after which she started to milk them, make yogurt Jameed and fat (Samneh) and sell these products. The good thing about this project is that she can do all of this at home and has a wide market within her neighborhood to sell the milk and its products. Um Baha’ has experience with making these products, she has the time and the place, the market as well, all she needs is the financial support to make her small business grow.

After working at this for the past 4 months she came to us asking for another loan to make her business grow. We’re aiming to collect another 700JD to double the amount she started with to buy more goats. Support us in empowering the local women in standing on their own two feet.

Another way you can support Um Baha’ is by ordering any of her home made products. Check out some of the products in the images below.
Goat Milk –  0.5JD |  Jameed – One kilo for 10JD | Samneh – One kilo for 10JD   

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