Urgent action needed: Summary of needed donations

To make things simple, I will list the what each case needs, some are really urgent. Please spread this message, Tweet about it and share it on Facebook.

Abu Kayed case:

1. 70 JDs to buy tools for hi new garage – for more info check here

2. 45 JDs to buy Garage sign to be hanged infront of the shop

3. 100 JDs to pay December rent and uilities, so far the shop is new and not providing enough income for the family

4- 1,000 JDs to buy exhausts and products that he can sell to the customers, the shop is still empty

Um Shady case:

1. 288 JDs to cover the rest of her deceased Husband hospital bill. For more info check here

2. 50 JDs for December rent

3. Um Shady used to sell clothes, so we can buy her  new clothes (cost max: 500JDS) that she can start selling in the neighborhood

4. Family needs (covers & blankets, , small TV cabinet, small centre table, oven, fridge), house is small so no large items are needed.

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