Stories of our City

Last month I met with a very nice American lady living in Beirut, her name is katy. We met at the Turtle Green cafe in Rainbow street in Jabal Amman. Katy has a very nice website called Stories of our City the idea behind her site is to bring understanding between people through story telling. People talk about true things regarding their city in a Podcast format. She believes in “Peace Through Understanding”, a language that I fully understand and support. With the help of a project like Katy’s, hopefully one day we can see our similarities and not our differences.

We decided to meet right after work to  record our conversation. I’m usually very careful when meeting reporters as I had no idea about Katy’s background or intentions. But the 60 minutes meeting ended up to be more than 3 hours, and if I hadn’t had to leave for another engagement I would have stayed longer.  It was very interacting, enlighting, diverse and as any conversation with any American, down to earth and funny! Katy is well travelled and open minded.

She promised to publish as much as she can from our conversation, here is the link (Listen here)


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