Sponsor a student tuition in Public Schools in Jordan

Ramadan is almost here and Public Schools will begin in one month. There are many who can’t afford 40JDs a year to enroll their child to a school! But you can help!

Pay the school tuition of non Jordanian students in Public Schools. The nationality of the students are:

  • Palestinian
  • Iraqi
  • Egyptian
  • Syrian

Cost of tuition:

Grades 1 – 10: 40 JDs per year

Grades 11-12: 60 JDs per year

The schools are located in Jabal Al Natheef and the surrounding areas, and they are:

  • Ateka bent Zaid
  • Al Natheef Al Asasieh
  • Fatemeh bent Abdelmalek
  • Moaath ibn Jabal
  • Salah Al Deen
  • Al Shefa’a bent Awf

This cause has been provided by Ruwwad

To sponsor you can contact me or Mrs. Kefah Adnan at 06-4733314


    • admin

      August 10, 2010

      I’m totally against such ignorance calls. Thats why i proudly say that i was able to visit Palestine last year, it was my share of supporting the Palestinian economy!

      With tourism, we break down barriers between the two people, and support the economy in the West Bank. Those people have been playing with the Palestinian cards for years now, including politicians from both side

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    June 10, 2012

    How do you know which program is good and which one is right for you.
    I heard their is a way to check there beruo report or something, not sure what its called.
    How can you see the results and reputation of the debt settlement program or debt
    consolidation program..

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