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This week, I made a 3 hours round in Jabal Al Natheef and Jabal Al Mareekh which are less fortunate areas in Amman. I visited 7 government schools to pay the tuition of 235 students who are not Jordanian. Most of the donations came from outside the country as well as some from Jordan to cover the school year 2010 – 2011. The donations were a total of 9,000 JDs.

After my round, I didn’t know what surprised me more, the lousy conditions of our schools or the ability of these kids who were cramped in 40 students per class to smile and stay positive. These schools don’t just need PCs and Internet, they need major re-construction. The first school I visited had stairs that cut my breath, it is pictured below. Only one of the schools I visited  was in good condition equipped with electronic boards, PCs, Internet, and Data shows. The reason behind that was that the principal was really good in asking for donations!

I also passed by a school runned by the UNRWA, I swear I thought it was a deserted building!

The problems in our schools doesn’t rely only on the poor facilities but we have a major crisis when we have demotivated teachers making less than (200JDs) 300$ per month. How can they support their families with such little money and come in the morning and teach 40 kids in 1 class? It is all about empowerment!

I know that the kids I met don’t know any better than what they have and I always knew how fortunate I was being a kid in a private school. But the visit made me more persistent to give back to my community and help those kids in any possible way.

I will leave you with some pictures and the receipts I received from the schools.


Pictures from the schools:


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