Ramadan Orphans Iftar Tent 2012

We’ll be entering the 4th and last week of Ramadan in a few days time, so we thought we’d update you on our orphans iftar tent and what we’ve been up to in the last 3 weeks. We’ve hosted 100 orphans a day coming from orphanages and centers from all over Jordan. Under my Olive Tree has been doing this Ramadan iftar tent for the past 3 years with IBDAA.

We provide the orphans with iftar meal and get to some games and entertainment right after iftar with school bags, gifts and sweets for all. Till this day we’ve hosted 1900 orphans so far. A big thank you to our volunteers and the companies and individuals who have sponsored the meals and provided us with toys and gifts for the kids. Stay tuned for all our updates and special activities we have in store for the kids in this coming last week.  Check out some pictures from the tent below.

For donations:
Sharekat Tahat Shajaret Alzitoun Leltadrib Wal Tamweel
Jordan Kuwait Bank
Amman, Jordan
427442001 (JD)
427442002 (US$)


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