Ramadan Iftar Tent For Orphans 2014

At the 8th circle, next to Ministry of IT and communication, stands a big white tent for it’s annual presence welcoming orphan kids and all age groups of volunteers from all around the kingdom.
under the name of Ramadan Iftar tent ( Mawaed AlRahman ) and in collaboration with Under My Olive Tree and Ibdaa- both local NGOs devoted to empower local community- Orange has generously sponsored this annual event for the second time in a row.

Mr. Jan Franswa Tuma the executive manager of Orange telecom said :”we’re pleased to do this again after witnessing happiness and joy among kids last time.”
he added; combining efforts with both of the organisations is rewarding specially when it comes to underprivileged, volunteering and local communities as such collaboration resembles the true meaning of giving.

Mr.Ali Dahmash, general manager of Under My Olive Tree and Madam Maha Darwish, general manager of Ibdaa have both expressed their deep gratitude to the noteworthy partnership with Orange, the thing that secured a successful initiative, providing iftar meals for more than 3500 kid form various orphanage shelters, in addition to the both entertaining and educating activities.

The initiative offers a huge opportunity for one lucky orphanage shelter to construct a play field for it’s benefiting kids in addition to some fundamental repairments. The orphanage have been chosen according to various terms and conditions including a competition for best kids performance.

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