Raad, where are you my friend?

I never thought a day like this will come when I write about a dear friend of mine who has been missing for 13 days!

I returned from the USA in 2006, and met Raad through mutual friends. He was still studying Software Engineering, but Raad had only 1 interest and that is Music. He worked at BEAT FM, then SPIN FM and then concentrated on events that are related to comcerts.

Raad Kawar went to Beirut to pick up some of his stuff on Tuesday, April 19. He decided not to spend the night in Lebanon, so he drove back to Jordan via Damascus. While approaching the Syrian – Jordanian border, he was stopped by the police and got arrested. Raad was missing for 3 days, then the Jordanian Foreign Minister announced that they have located Raad and promised to bring him back the next day. But until today, no one know’s his where about.

I don’t want to even imagine what his mom is going through now, she lost a husband long time ago and now a missing son!

After Five years of knowing Raad, I’m sure of one thing: he is not political and not into politics!

Raad is a very kind, gentle and loving person. He has never hurt anyone. There is always a smile on his face and we want to see it soon, we miss it!

Raad is innocent!

It’s simple!

We want Raad back!

There is a website posted by his friends, you can check it here –> Bring Raad Home


  1. rare

    May 3, 2011

    May Allah bless him, and those innocent ppl same as him.
    Shouldn’t this thing be raised as a public issue, I mean share TVs, NGOs, … etc!

    Inshalla he’ll be back soon

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