Partnership Agreement with Barakabits

Partnership Agreement with Barakabits.

Attention has been always given to Middle East’s news cast through all different media platforms. Watching a randomly chosen news bulletin updating you with “breaking news”  from the Arab world, chances are you’ll end up being discouraged with some negative reflecting thoughts of the Middle East.

Despite all of what is happening in the region we still believe in the ability of an individual empowering their human fellow and making quite a difference in local community.

Under My Olive Tree has been always devoted to make each and every single person aware of the change they can create in the local society, whether it was through promoting social activism, volunteering, the right of education and sustainable projects in less privileged areas, these approaches has certainly contributed in uplifting both beneficiaries and contributors at the same time.  

Such good vibes are worth to be shared with the world! And since there is no online source can say it better than Barakabits; we are delighted to share the news of a new partnership agreement with Barakabits, a website that is mainly committed to sharing you good news of Middle East.

The website offers you a small digestible bits of good news, covering all different aspects, business related, Art, daily life, education, environment, science and technology in bilingual articles directing you to the main source for some even more detailed information.

Under My Olive Tree in collaboration with one of our innovative students Jihad, will be sharing you the latest news of UMOT happenings and events through the best source of good news.




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