Um Baha’

Um Baha’ lives in Naour and has 6 children. The family income is 60JD from the husbands retirement pension with the oldest 2 brothers helping out a little bit from their income.

Um Baha’s idea for a small project that she can handle from home is to buy a few sheep and use them in trade to buy and sell for a higher cost raise them for about 4 months so that she can start milking them, make yogurt and cheese, and sell these 3 products. The good thing about this project is that she can do all of this at home and has a wide market within her neighborhood to sell the milk and its products. Um Baha’ has experience with making these products, she has the time and the place, the market as well, all she needs is the financial support to start her small business.

Om Baha’ has joined UMOT within the micro finance program, received financial support for her project for the first 6 months and then started paying only 40% of that back during the 4 months after, according to terms and conditions of the micro finance project.

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