Meet Sara, a Palestinian in Lebanon

Sara is a Palestinian refugee living in Burj el Barjneh refugee camp in Lebanon. The father has two children Adham & Sara. Both have entered the university, which makes it a big burden on the family. The youngest son was killed in a car accident at the age of 9 years a couple of years ago.

The father had to take a debit to secure the tuition of Sara this year.

Payments that are due this semester are:
1. 500U.S.$ already paid on 8.10 2010
2. 50 U.S.$ paid for registry
3.220U.S$ to be paid on 5.11 2010
4.210U.S.$ to be paid on 3.12.2010
5.230U.S.$ to be paid on 7.1. 2011

Total amount needed is 1,200U.S $

Money can be paid directly to the bank:

Intercontinental Bank
Moussaitbeh Branch
Beirut, Lebanon
IBAN 008 0023000178537015

Sara is a smart vivid young lady that deserves to be taught well.

Below are the receipts:


  1. Endrun Project

    February 14, 2011

    Many situations exist like this all over the world. Humanity must come together and work together to end these problems between cultures caused by political and religious myths designed to create division.

    Everyone should have the freedom to pursue anything they believe or desire including education as long as it is not forced upon or at the expense of others for a greater good.

    “Greater Good’ for al, cannot be forced upon Humanity, defined by governments, or extremists ideologies but applied through common sense principles.

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