Meet Abu Kayed & his new Garage

This hasn’t been an easy task at all. I have been working with this family since August, not just to make their lives easier but also to secure a decent income.

I realized that empowering is not an easy job. What ever it took from time, effort and working with donors, it was all worth it. When Abu Kayed signed the agreement with the tenant and he officially owned his first ever business, I had goose bumps all over my body!

Today Abu Kayed has his own Exhaust Garage (Body Shop) in Safout near Sweileh.

Part of the money was donated by Ibdaa and other donors.

We are still short in money (2,000JDs) as we still need to purchase more equipments, paint, sign for the shop & shelves. But slowly we managed to buy enough equipments so he can start his 1st day of work tomorrow.

My only advise, plzzzz go fix your car there 🙂

Will leave you with some pictures

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