May 2013 activities – Education Program

With the end of the second semester for the year 2012-2013 several applications were distributed to accept new students to the Education Program. After interviewing the finalists among all applicants, UMOT Education Program welcomed 11 new students to its family.

A welcome and team building session was held for all Education Program students on the 28th of May. New students signed MoUs as part of their commitment to the program and to their personal development. An introduction of both new and old students from previous semesters took place and was followed by several team building and social related activities.

On the 31st of May and the 1st of June, Under My Olive Tree Education Program students took a 2 day training alongside hundreds of other students as part of their participation in “Darb”. “Darb”, a LoYAC program, is a summer internship program aimed at bridging the gap between education and employment by better preparing students for the workplace and enhancing their independence and sense of responsibility. The program also works at developing students’ practical work skills, with the ultimate aim of making them more employable.

This 2 day training course given to the students prior to their internship covers communication skills, self-exploration, positivity, self-marketing, and customer service. A number of UMOT students will then be matched with full time or part time paid internship opportunities in their own governorates starting the end of June.

Check out more pictures from the welcome session and ‘Darb’ training by clicking on each.

Darb summer 2012-2013

UMOT Education Program students alongside hundreds of other students that took the “Darb” 2 day training.

Darb Training
Darb Training
Darb Training

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