Let's continue Maisa's path


Maisa has worked hard to move to PolyTechnic to save money on her tuition. Her full tuition for this semester is now 550JDs instead of 750JDs. She deserves to be supported!

Last semester, Maisa joined Blaqaa Applied University to study Computer Engineering. Details can be found here (check here)

Her GPA is now 3.13

Just a reminder that Maisa supports 12 siblings in her family and she wants to register for the second semester. Maisa is studying hard to get a scholarship. See details below:


Tuition: 550 JDs (150 JDs paid only, 440 JDs remaining)

University: Blaqaa Applied University:  – 1st year

Major: Computer Engineering

Note: Maisa needs a minimum of 150JDs to register

If interested to support, please contact us at info@undermyolivetree.com

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