Kefah is selling in Singapore

Kefah‘s items are being sold through Flenco in Singapore! Check the picture out and read what they had to say about this.


” Kefah is one of the suppliers for Middle Eastern Gems and we received her first collection of hand made jewelry. A unique beautiful and simple collection that comes in four beautiful colors, it can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace. You can mix and match to suit your own style.

Kefah is an amazing woman and she will inspire you with her strength, determination and courage. We are sharing her story hoping that it will empower others and asking you all to support her.

Before Kefah filed for divorce, her husband hit her with a slipper that had nails attached and ended up hurting her eyes very badly. Kefah almost lost all eyesight in one of her eyes and now has constant high pressure in the other.

Today, Kefah lives with her 17 years old daughter now after her divorce. She receives 60 JDs/S$105 from the Ministry of Social Affairs, she can’t find a stable job because of the condition of her eyesight. Kefah used to sell Ka’ek in the streets before we were able to get her an old sewing machine and some textile and material to work on some Abayas to sell in her neighborhood. Afterwards Kifah found out that buying some basic items and equipment and making bracelets, necklaces, rings, key chains and similar things is something that she can easily do and be creative with.

We are selling them at S$40 each and %100 of the profit will go to support and empower Kefah in her new venture. You can order by sending us an email at or send us a message on FB all orders in Singapore will be delivered free of charge thanks to Aramex “

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