June/July 2013 activities – Education Program

The months of June and July 2013 offered UMOT Education Program students more training courses and workshops to further develop their experience and knowledge. During the month of June, and as part of the Education Program partnership UMOT has with Umniah, 10 students received “Umniah Community Computer Training”. The training course focused on Microsoft Office programs that the students need throughout university and once they enter the job market. Training was given by Ms. Hiba Allwisi at Umniah training center. Umniah also gave out 3G evo dongles to all Education Program students to support them in always staying connected and online.


UCCT – Umniah – Click on the picture for more images


A workshop on ‘Starting an Initiative’ was given to UMOT Education Program students on Friday the 5th of July by Rabee Zureikat, founder of Zikra Initiative. The workshop took place at Ruwwad and focused on introducing the youth to thinking differently about initiatives and about communities. The group discussed the concepts of consumerism and productive communities with the background of different stories from Ghor Al Mazra’a where Zikra Initiative is active. The workshop concluded with the youth sharing their vision of different values they think should be involved in any new initiative.


Rabee Zureikat – Zikra – Click on the picture for more images


The month of July introduced a new Education Program partnership between UMOT and Modern Language Center. The MLC offered 5 UMOT students a one month long English language course at their center to further develop their skills in reading, writing and communication in English. The students expressed an interest in taking an English language course to help them throughout university, as most of their courses are in the English language, and of course due to the need of the language in the job market. The students took a placement test each and attended the course within their personal levels.

Under My Olive Tree thanks all partners for their dedication in supporting the Education Program in whatever means possible.


Modern Language Center – Click on the picture for more images


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