Hurtful visit today!

Today I went to meet Abu Jamal at the King Hussein Cancer Center. I was suppose to meet him to give him the donations I received from UAE to cover his electricty bill and bring back the power that was cut from his house by the electricity company.

I was surprised that he wanted to take me to Jamal’s room to meet him. Honestly I haven’t ever met any patient on his duying bed. When my dad passed away from Luekemia, I was only 2 years old so can’t remember anything.

I approached Jamal who was laying on bed with tubes coming from his mouth, bare chested, and had a oxygene mask. His body was very weak, very skinny. He was breathing very difficult and was able to see his chest bones when he exhales and inhales. He was awake, he said something that I couldn’t understand.

I’m not writing this to feel sorry for a sick patient, or to pity him, Im writing this because I need to vent. I dont think there are words that can describe seeing a young man at this early age where his life is being slipping away in front of his less fortunate family. I don’t know why this is happening and in a very slow pace! God mush have his own reasons!

His dad told me that every day the son wishes to pass away to relief his parents and his own suffering. When Jamal hears a patient screaming, the dad tells him, it’s probably a couple fighting over soemthing.

The only thing I can say, is how lucky I am to be healthy to be able to write this post. Life is making everyone busy and concerned with things that we take for granted.

That’s why we need to appreciate the most precious thing we have, which is our health!

May God mercy Jamal and his family!


  1. kinzi

    February 24, 2011

    Well said, Ali. If people haven’t ever visited someone in the last stages of cancer, emphysema or or wasting illness, it is a must. Thanking God for health and mind today.

  2. Nadia

    February 24, 2011

    A friend of mine went through this with her nephew watching him fight his last battle with cancer a 13year old that also was born with down syndrome. His mother was by his side praying for him not leaving his bed side for 4 years and the last week not even being able to sleep. The night he passed away my friend sent me a massage ” this is the first time my sister sleeps in 10 days..”
    One thing I’ve learned from this story and other events, when you open your eyes in the morning and inhale, be grateful for the simple blessing that you are alive and if your feet are touching the ground and you start walking around to your daily function thank the lord that you are healthy and capable to enjoy the simple things in life..
    May God grant them the patience to endure and the strength to go on..

  3. Mona Khalaf

    March 1, 2011

    Its very painful to see this i’m sure, but it make us appreciate the days we are living and appreciate it more.

    Thanks for sharing this Ali.

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