Kefah Z.

Kefah got married when she was 16 years old. A year later she gave birth to “Faten” and afterwards finished her diploma in nursing. Unfortunately Kefah’s husband was beating her, abusing her, refusing to work or spend money on the household. The saddest part was that Kefah was beaten constantly.

Before Kefah filed for divorce, her husband hit her with a slipper that had nails attached and ended up hurting her eyes very badly.  Kefah almost lost all eyesight in one of her eyes and now has constant high pressure in the other.

Today, Kefah lives with her 17 years old daughter now after her divorce. She receives 60 JDs from the Ministry of Social Affairs, she can’t find a stable job because of the condition of her eyesight. Kifah used to sell Ka’ek in the streets before we were able to get her an old sewing machine and some textile and material to work on some Abayas to sell in her neighborhood. Afterwards Kifah found out that buying some basic items and equipment and making bracelets, necklaces, rings, key chains and similar things is something that she can easily do and be creative with. Empowering Kefah to do what she can do best at the time being is our goal.

Kefah got eye surgery and has removed one of her eyes due to its constant high pressure – September 2013.

UPDATE: Kefah will have a bionic eye transplant on the fifth of April 2015 and the surgery will cost 850 JDs.


A jump-start for Kefah's small business from Zain - Jordan
Heater and Jackets - November 2012
Kefah is selling in Singapore - October 2012
Abayas and eye medication - August 2012
Rent - September 2012

Sewing Machine - August 2012

Household items - June 2012


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