Abu Jamal

We we first met Abu Jamal to support him with covering a few bills, he was at King Hussein Cancer Center with his then 21 year old son Jamal who was trying to beat Bone Marrow cancer. Jamal passed away a while later leaving his family with an aching heart and a lot of debt due to his earlier chemotherapy sessions at Al Basheer hospital.

At the time Abu Jamal was unable to commit to a steady job due to the state of his son, afterwords he worked as a driver on a taxi and things started to get moving forward. The latest updates in December 2012 are that the had to give back the taxi to its owner because he broke his leg and couldn’t drive. Abu Jamal now works in a restaurant in Jabal Al Nasr and his income is 300JD per month. He sold many of his household items to pay his debt and now lives with his family in a house that needs heating and basic items.

Gas heater and stove

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