How it all began? The story of UMOT!

5 years ago, our friend Sally called us to help her drop some used clothes and home appliances to Jabal Al Natheef. We liked the idea of finally finding a way to help the under privileged in Amman. So we began sharing information on this website to collect non monetary donations and drop them at Jabal Al Natheef on the weekends. It was fun meeting people who wanted to help especially in the beginning but this process was very time consuming to us who were volunteers and had full time jobs.

During our voluntary work, we were introduced to many non profits and initiatives, and were introduced to ways on empowering people rather than just offering charity. So we began collecting donations for less fortunate students in Jordan and posting every single penny we receive with the receipts on the website, Facebook and Twitter. The response was amazing.

We realized how people in Jordan and Jordanians living abroad lacked the the information on where to help and who to help. They needed a platform, so we created a blog and named it Under my Olive Tree. A symbol of source of income for people in the Levant. We also realized how important social media is since we were able to reach donors anywhere by a press of a button, so we started posting cases on Facebook and Twitter.

Today we sponsor more than 300 non Jordanian school students. More than 15 University Students. Currently supporting 3 sustainable projects and supporting cases of families that need empowerment. We also support some health related cases and fund raising for cancer patients.

This is only the beginning of our mission for a better and empowered Jordan.

Today we are officially a Non Profit!

So congratulations to all who made this dream possible because without your help, we wouldn’t be here!

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