Hiba has a laptop now!

Today, I went and bought the laptop and the case for Hiba. Then she and her dad met me infront of my work and I gave them her computer. Hiba was really thrilled but I was all goosebumps during my meeting with her. Hiba is very young and very polite, beautiful and a smart girl. She was shy and wearing sunglasses. I realized that Hiba has lost her eyes forever and she actually won’t be using the laptop like everyone else. It is such a sad but inspiring story. Hiba’s dad took her to Dr. Khaled Al Sharif, one of the best in Amman. A plastic surgeon from Lebanon will be visiting Dr. Al Sharif clinic soon who will study her case and check if he can operate a special surgery that can replace Hiba’s eyes with plastic artificial ones. The surgery is only for cosmetics reasons. I don’t know the details yet but I will try to help.

I know Hiba is happy now, and I know that we can’t do much to bring her sight back but there is one thing she knows now, there are people who care and they are out there, you gave her hope!

So I thank all who helped.

Pics of Hiba and receipt below


  1. Samar

    June 9, 2010

    I seriously cried when I saw her photo. Am willing to help raise funds to get her plastic surgery, god bless you. Yes, there is so much goodness in this world.

  2. Haitham

    June 10, 2010

    God bless her, and bless all of those who helped! I am sure she is strong, look at her confidence!

    • admin

      June 12, 2010

      She is amazing Haitham, give me strength and inspiration

    • admin

      June 12, 2010

      I will check it Marvin, Nadeq is in Arabic which is what she needs

  3. Rama

    June 12, 2010

    Your posts are always inspiring, wish I can take real part in spreading such glimpse of hope…

    • admin

      June 14, 2010

      There are no limits Rama. You can always help with your time, skills, education, unused stuff, clothes and smile! R u in Jordan?

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